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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Surf

As of this Sunday Surf, I'll be teaming up with Lauren from Hobo Mama to make Sunday Surf even more interactive. From now on you can link up your Sunday Surf at the bottom of my weekly Surf, or over at Hobo Mama. The linky will go live every Sunday and you can add your link at any time during the week.

  • An extremely interesting article about fat and why women need it on salon. "If you actually look at the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and data from studies done in other countries, the optimal weight for women who have had a kid is what doctors currently call “overweight.”"
  • Make your own chest rub, smart and easy, on Baby Dust Diaries.
Pregnancy and Birth

If you're surfing, add your post to the linky at the bottom of this Sunday Surf. You can do that here or at Hobo Mama, your link will show up on both sites. Make sure to grab the new button either from the left sidebar or the Sunday Surf page, where you'll also find a little blurb about Sunday Surf you can copy for your post. 



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  1. Darn! Because of time differences I didn't get to link up! Boo!


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