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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post Partum Pad Galore: Party in My Pants

About Party in My Pants
Party in my Pants is situated in Wisconsin and owned by sister duo Lucy and Lydia Daum. All pads are handmade. They come in 10 sizes. All pads are available in three fabric choices: cotton, flannelette and organic, and each have numerous designs. The pads cores are made from 100% cotton and have a leak resistant nylon shield and nickel free snaps. 
Their store also holds breast pads, wet bags and bath products. 

For postpartum bleeding, the queen and Overnight pads are recommended. I received the Mama Mini Kit, which included 2 queens, 1 overnight and 2 honeysuckles (breast pads). I got to pick the designs and fabrics, and picked one in each fabric option, to give you the best impression of their range. The top pad is the flannelette one in Valentine, the middle pad is organic in Queen Anne and the pad on the bottom is a cotton pad in Kanari. The nursing pads are in organic with the pattern Harmony.
The pads have an extremely luxurious look and are the slimmest ones I received. They are absolutely beautiful, and there's a multitude of fabrics to choose from. They're very slim, but I did not experience any leakage. These postpartum pads are the most 'full coverage' ones I tried. They wash beautifully, without staining or shifting. I would certainly recommend these pads!

The Mama Mini Kit goes for $42,99.

Party in My Pants is giving away a $50 gift certificate to the winner of this contest, valid on their entire selection, so you can choose whichever your heart desires.

To win $50 of cloth luxury, enter by leaving a comment and using our new Rafflecopter system below.

Contest is open Worldwide, the offer does not cover shipping fees, so contestants outside US should calculate 9,99USD standard shipping.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit Party in My Pants and tell us what you would buy with your $50 credit! You must enter your name and email address in the Rafflecopter entry system for your entry to count, after leaving a comment on the blog post.

Leave a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. Email addresses in Rafflecopter are not made publicly visible. Please leave the same valid email address in your mandatory comment so we can verify entries.

See the Rafflecopter entry system for bonus entries to increase your chance of winning after completing the mandatory entry. All bonus entries are entered directly into Rafflecopter. Just click "Click for instructions" for guidance and then "I did this" — any comments or extra information such as URLs can be entered into the "Extra Info" box. Give it a try or visit the Rafflecopter tutorial, and email or leave a comment if you have any questions!

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  1. I’ve learned a lot from your blog here! Keep on going, I will keep an eye on it.

  2. I would definitely get myself the mama mini-kit if I won the gift certificate--I'm due in March and starting the process of stocking up on heavier-duty pads to deal with the postpartum period.

  3. Hey where to leave a blog post wasn't clear to me. Clicking the '+1 do it' button makes it appear that I've done it (Michele B.) I even logged in with alternate email address (didn't click on anything) to remind myself what I exactly clicked on! Anyway I'd buy the medium pads and a few mini liners. While the name is slightly embarassing, I like that this company has lots of organic patterned fabric. I bought my stash years ago and most of the organic options were just plain natural colored. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I would get the medium pads in daisy chain pattern!

  5. I love that they fold up into their own little case for convenient carrying.

  6. I have been dying to switch to cloth pads for a while now. I'm saving up, but it's going to be the end of the year before I can fully say good-bye to disposables. Winning this giveaway sure would step up that timeline!

    I'd get myself 3 of the Super Pads with the Flannel Saffron print.
    ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com

  7. I learned that, by switching to cloth, I'd save $1127 over 5 years (with the cost of PIMP pads taken into consideration!

  8. I'd choose several luxe liners in flannel and cotton and maybe a small pad. Love the Bollywood print

  9. I'd get a few super or overnight pads. I really like all the prints they have. I'd likely get them in flannel. I've been stalking their website for a while now :0)

  10. If I won, I'd love to buy some medium pads in the star pattern. Gorgeous! :)

  11. I've never used cloth pads but recently I've developed some sensitivity "down there". I'm due to have my baby in April and I would love to try out the Postpartum kit. I also plan to order some liners to use with the Softcup and for every day use.

  12. I've just recently gotten into cloth pads and I'm trying to build up my stash. There are only three companies I've tried-and one of them was a starter kit from Party in My Pants. Let me say...I LOVE these pads! If I won this giveaway, I'd definitely build up my stash even more (super pads, larges, mediums, overnights) and maybe even some of their bath soaks!

  13. I've only recently started using cloth pads (I'm only on my second cycle with them) and I will NEVER go back to disposables. Because I'm relatively new to cloth, I'd definitely stock up on my PIMP stash! I got one of their starter kits and LOVE them already (I haven't even used all of them yet but of the ones I've used, I'm definitely a fan)! I LOVE the selection of patterns they have and would love to get a variety. I can see how up front they can be pricey but in the long run I'll be saving a ton.

  14. I learned that maybe reusable cloth pads may be a great thing for me.I would get the Deluxe Starter Kit and some other larger pads.
    I've never used reusable cloth pads, so I would like try to see if they will work for me.

    -Cutie Pie

  15. Did my last comment as an anonymous count towards the mandatory entry?
    And where do I put in my email address after putting it into the Rafflecoper.

    -Cutie Pie


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