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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 Things Dads Can Do to Be a Part of Their Baby's Life (rerun)

Written by Ellen Spencer

Both parents are a very important part of their child’s development. The child is automatically attached to her mother because she does all the big and the small work for her child happily. However, fathers are generally left out and are unable to share a similar feeling with their child. We have a few tips to help fathers become an important part of the child’s life.

1. Spend time with your baby from day one
Get rid of the fear of your child getting hurt. Just get the knack of holding a baby right. There you are all set to carry your baby and spend some awesome time with your little one.

2. Look into your baby’s eyes
Studies say that babies not only look into your face, they look into your eyes, when you talk to them or play with them. So when you decide to spend time with your baby look into the eyes of your little one to get a better response and make a difference.

3. Common baby sounds
Common baby sounds such as Pa pa, Ma ma, Ba ba, etc. are very famous with babies. Babies learn to make these sounds because these sounds are easy. As you talk to your baby make these sounds to help your baby get quick control over her talking skills. This will enhance your relationship with your little one.

4. Get into some action
Cuddling, jiggling, holding, swaying, etc. fascinates your baby. They love these actions and always want more of it. While you play with your baby give her the security she needs and there you are creating that magical relationship with your little one.

5. Diaper changing time
Image: Iandeth
When you change your baby’s diaper, you're not only doing a great job as a father you also do a great job as a husband. Both your baby and you wife will know how much you love them and this will strengthen your relationships.

6. Play a caretaker’s part
Fix a day or two in a week to be the only caretaker for your baby - as far as your baby's feeding pattern will allow. By doing this your baby will learn to spend time with daddy alone. This activity of indulging in bringing up your baby will also give your wife sometime to relax.

7. Work as a team in bringing up your baby
Your baby needs the both of you. Help your wife in breastfeeding the baby; bottle feed your baby the pumped breast milk. Change her diapers and do every small thing to be an important part of her life.

8. Promise small things and stick to your promise
From the day your baby is born she becomes a very important part of your family. Make small promises like taking her to the park, playing her favorite game, etc. Do not forget to live up to these promises. These little promises are a very important part of your relationship.

9. Respond to your child
Weather an infant or a bigger child every time the child looks at you or calls out to you make it a point to respond to her call. By each small response you assure your child that you are listening to her and you are right there.

10. All the love possible
Your baby is too small to understand the material aspects of life and hence all she needs is love. You love your baby for sure, but expressing it is also very important, so express to let her know you love her.

About the author: 
Ellen is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on parenting and luxury. And her intense desire is to have a showroom of changing table. She is a health freak and very environmentally aware. These days she is busy in writing an article on inflammatory bowel disease.


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  1. Thank you! This is very helpful for my family. When my husband spends time with the baby and our son cries for more than a few minutes Hubby says, "He's really unhappy." Then hands the baby back to me. And when something else comes up that my husband wants to do I am interrupted in my work to take the baby so hubby can do his thing.


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