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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections on 2011: A Look Back On Some Favorite Posts.

As the year is coming to a close we thought we would take a look back at some of our favorite posts, some of the most popular posts of the year and tell you a bit of what’s in store for 2012!

We started the year off asking you to tell us all about any and all remarks you have heard when breastfeeding beyond a certain age. Thanks to our readers input Laura ended up with a list including some interesting remarks, ranging from silly, to stupid, to radically deranged.
You can see the full list here at Silly Remarks on Breastfeeding Older Children.
Another two popular posts on breastfeeding were the Tips for nursing in public and this silly account of my breastfeeding 10,000 times everywhere.

As Laura prepares for birth of her second child she has immersed herself in all sorts of natural preparations, one thing was the opportunity to get a Chinese post-partum cooking lesson and share about it here. A guest post by the Carolina Placenta Lady featured information on How to Grow an Eat Worthy Placenta. Thinking about natural birth reminded me about this post I wrote on Another Reason to Rethink Birth and the breast crawl.

Playing is probably one of my favorite parts of being a parent, the joy the laughter is all very contagious! Laura shared here her ideas for playing board games with toddlers and here I shared all about using relaxation and visualization techniques in a playful manner.

Laura has written many articles about Unschooling, and this year she wrote Unschooling: An Introduction to tackle the basic questions, like "What is Unschooling" or "How Do You Do It?"Another post answers why she has chosen unschooling for her family.

Laura also shared all about her family's way of life in Raising a Paleo Child. And speaking of nutrition, I shared the ways my family is trying to embrace the Joys of eating family meals, spilled juice and all.

There is so much parenting advice out there, so many opinions, theories etc... Here I shared a bit about the best and worst advice I've received in the Elevator this year. Laura shared her Top 10 Tips for grandparents. Also a very popular guest post gave fantastic advice on a tool you never thought you would use to tame your temper.

Speaking of advice, one of the hottest posts of the year was Laura's post on 10 things not to do to an upset child providing some great insights into how a parent can empathetically connect when a child needs them most.
Discipline is always ahot topic in the parenting sphere: what methods, what's effective... It is probably one of the most discussed topics on parenting sites, forums and blogs. Being very passionate about positive, playful and non punitive "discipline" methods I have shared quite a bit on that this year. The post on Four Alternatives to Punishment and Avoiding Conflict Through Playfullness were some popular posts on that topic.

For next year - Laura and I have teamed up to host a Carnival of Authentic Parenting with many fantastic topics like birthing, discovery, green living and authentic literacy. I will continue to contribute once weekly on Fridays and Sunday Surf is debuting a beautifully redesigned logo tomorrow.

A special thank you goes out to all of our amazing guest posters in 2011: Sima Chowdhury, Mike, Sandra Harris, Christina Gabbard aka Caroline Placenta Lady, Helen Lingard, Jeff Sabo, Lisa Meuser, Sally and Danielle from Eat, Breathe, Blog, Tracy Sitchen, Dr. Maria Droujkova, Melissa Kemendo from Vibrant Wanderings, Kristi Ren, Meredith Barth from The Positive Parenting Challenge, Carina Freeman from Hold Your Hand Fertility, Jessica from Mama à la Crunch, Jenny Binkowski, Murielle Bourbao, Angie Nixon, Jenny Chin from I'm a Full Time Mummy and Rachel Jonat from The Minimalist Mom.

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