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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Building Connection: 15 Family Activities for Winter Break

Winter Break is just about to start so for the next two weeks we will be trading our regular schedule of activities for some hopefully fun loaded family time. Here are some of our ideas:

1.Slumber Party: Just to be silly we’ll be setting up some mattresses and sleeping bags in the playroom. The plan is to cuddle up to some stories, talk about some of the favorite things the family has done over the last few months and enjoy the fun until everyone is asleep.

2.Snow Fun: If we are lucky to have snow over winter break we’ll be getting outside for some sledding, trying out snowboarding, snowpeople sculpting, icicle hunting, snow angle making etc…

3.Hiking: If there is no snow around we will be looking for a new path to take a hike on. While we hike we will be hunting for dried leaves, acorns, rocks, sticks etc.

4.Board Games: We like to take turns choosing a board game and playing a few rounds and then playing the next game so each family member had a chance to pick. We typically add in silly rules and extra turns, focusing on play and not so much on winning.

5.Counting Stars: As the sun sets early atop of our mountain we are planning on counting and watching the stars appear in the night sky a few times over break with some hot cocoa and blankets.

6.Visit a Museum: Taking a trip to the local Science Museum has been a favorite activity for us over break each year. We enjoy looking at the Dinosaurs and learning from the many different exhibits.

7.Baking: Being in the kitchen together to bake a cake, muffins, bread, making pizza is always a fun, messy and great time for us all.

8.Trip down memory lane: Taking out some old photo albums and watching some home movies is a great way for us to connect, re-live some fun adventures and even remember activities we haven’t done in a while.

9.Organizing: Spending some time together in the kitchen hunting for storage lids or in the playroom looking for a missing toy shoe or puzzle pieces always turn out to be fun and somehow grew into a tradition the boys look forward to.

10.Art Time: With some colorful yet inexpensive supplies we are planning on transforming a blank canvas, paint, yarn, glue, buttons, glitter and whatever other supplies we discover along the way into a family "masterpiece."

11.Creating Games: Often when we play games like “simon says” or hopscotch we end up making up variations and new creations. These made up games are especially fun ways for us to laugh and connect.

12.Treasure Hunt: Taking about ten minutes to prepare a few clues and a simple map, my boys love to go on treasure hunt around the house and the yard. A fun variation we have done last winter was a treasure hunt in the dark using only glow sticks to guide the way.

13.Cardboard Creations: Last year we created an airplane out of a giant cardboard box, another year we made a pirate ship and just recently some dog houses. This break we have been thinking of making a fire engine or a rocket.

14.Obstacle Course: Using our Tunnel, some hula hoops, boxes, small chairs, air mattress, balloons and jumping rope we’ll be setting up another obstacle course this winter in our playroom.

15.Putting on a Show: Using puppets or marionettes or being the actors ourselves, creating a story line and putting on a show "from us for us" always leads to great memories and fun times.

So what activities are you looking forward to during winter break?

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