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Monday, December 5, 2011

Book review: Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important

Article first published as Book Review: Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important by Trout Fishing in America on Blogcritics.

Chicken Joe, a very sleepy cat living on a farm, wakes up one morning, knowing that he forgot something important. He doesn’t get much help from the other animals he encounters along the way that morning and eventually falls asleep, without breakfast, in an empty house.

“Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important” isn’t just a book, there’s also an audio CD included, which doesn’t stop with the narrated story, but ads some very rock and roll music based on the story, providing twelve track sin total. The book/CD was co-produced by Trout Music and Secret Mountain Publishing. The songs are performed by Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet, the duo who make up Trout Fishing in America. Find out more about the book by visiting Trout Fishing in America's website.
The book is hardcover and features lovely full color drawings by St├ęphane Jorish that are very pleasing to the eye and attractive for the little ones.

My daughter loves the book - which she calls ‘kitchen Joe’ - and wants to take it in the car whenever we go out for a drive, so she can listen to the CD and go through the book (which is a lovely way to have her stay in the seat!).
The music is very upbeat and invites us to dance and sing along. The only downside for me is that the narrator speaks very much in an American way, but this doesn’t seem to bother my daughter. Whereas it bothers me in the narration, it does go very well with the accompanying music.

I would certainly recommend this book for kids who like narrated books and catchy songs.

Disclaimer: I received a copy for review.



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