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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Benefits of Pets for Your Kid (rerun)

Written by Mike

Many of the fondest childhood memories entail pets. Children adore and confide in their pets. They love to have them at their sides always and include them in all aspects of their lives. Pets serve as very loyal friends for children and can affect their lives very deeply. Pets are known to be great friends for lonely people; however, they are known to be children's best friends. Often unsociable children are found to share a close-knitted bond with their pets. Children are under great influence of their pets because they are always ready for fun upon slightest interaction. Pet interaction also sheds away anxiety and stress from children. Here are some remarkable benefits of adopting a pet for your child.

1. Pets inculcate responsibility: Pets enable children to learn responsibility. When they take care of
their pets and learn to know their various needs, such as food, water, shelter, etc, they naturally tend to be watchful. Children love to prepare food and feed their pets and indulge in other playful activities with them.

2. Pets serve as their best mates: Children turn up to their pets in times when they need a friend, protector or confidante. Studies have revealed that children take their pets very seriously and often regard as important as human relationships. Dogs are known to be the common best play mates for children.

3. Pets are not judgmental: Children are not fond of delegation at all. Pets serve this purpose well and never act up or try to be judgmental, as they cannot. They do not get angry, howl or scowl at children whatsoever. This increases the self-esteem of children especially if they are going or have been through emotionally disturbing phases in their lives. Children also trust their pets with private thoughts and secrets.

4. Pets are useful for childhood development: Pets help immensely to develop social and nurturing skills. If your child develops positive feelings through his/her pets, it can help them develop non-verbal communication and increased compassion. According to studies, children with pets are empathetic and more popular with classmates.

5. Pets are great fun: Pets offer unconditional affection, comfort and love to children. Children can safely participate in various activities with their pets, such as swimming, walking, outdoor games etc. Kids with pets have an advantage of greater physical activity. Children with disabilities learn to regulate stress and conquer their disorders.

6. Pets teach essential life lessons: Pets help children to learn nurturing and caring for a baby animal. Children are happy to see them grow and feel themselves as responsible individuals. Children also learn managing the health of their pets when they visit veterinarians. This develops a caring, sympathetic and punctilious attitude among them.
Pets teach to respect and show gratitude towards other living beings. Children with pets show better impulse control, self-esteem and social skills. Pets offer children stability and security during stress, anxiety and loneliness. More importantly, they offer a doorway into the animal kingdom with a
belief that the human animal relationship is a mutual support.

About the author:
Mike is a stay at home dad, who takes care of his two kids. When he has spare time, Mike
collects toys and especially action figures.

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  1. I love this post so much. Our pets are a huge part of our toddler's life. He helps feed them, tells them to hush when they're being loud and gives them kisses before he goes to bed. Thanks!


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