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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25 Simple Crafts and Activities to Do Together

We're always looking for great craft ideas, so I thought I'd compose a huge list of nice crafts to do with your small kiddos. They can be an inspiration for gifts or decorations. Have fun!

1. Shaving cream autumn leaves on Little Wonders' Days

2. Play Dough Monsters from The Imagination Tree

3. Mouldable Sand (The Imagination Tree)

4. Spinning art (The Imagination Tree)

5. Conker Spiderwebs (The Imagination Tree)

6. Paper Picture Frame (Martha Steward)

7. Toilet Roll Monsters (My Creative Family)

8. Marble Painting (Raising Leafs)

9. Vinegar and Baking Soda Experiment (Hands on As We Grow)

10. Good Luck Stones (Red Ted Art)

11. Rainbow Pasta Necklaces (The Imagination Tree)

12. Egg Carton Bugs (Green Kid Crafts)

13. Window Art (Play at Home Mom)

14. Embroidery Solar System (Art For Little Hands)

15. Yarn Block printing (Modern Parents, Messy Kids)

16. Paper Towel Painting (Mama Pea Pod)

17. Changing flower colors (Science Sparks)

18. Negative Art (Dilly-Dali Art)
Let your kids go caveman with this beautiful art project

19. Toilet Roll Mummies (Dilly-Dali Art)
This is something I know my daughter will go wild about, as she's still very much in her Egypt phase

20. Aboriginal dot painting (Dilly-Dali Art)

21. Peacock Craft (I Heart Crafty Things)

22. Penguin Craft (I Heart Crafty Things)

23. Another beautiful melted crayon artwork (Thrifty With Triplets)

24. Pine cone creatures (Mummy, Mummy, Mum!)

25. Shape Fire Engine (I Can Teach My Child)



  1. Fabulous ideas here! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for featuring our paper towel painting!

  3. Great list! Thanks for featuring 3 (wow!) of our projects! I'm in such good company! I love that yarn block printing from Modern Parents, Messy Kids!

  4. Thanks for featuring some of ours! Lovely collection here :-)

  5. Oooh what a lovely lovely round up! And thank you SO much for including our Good Luck Stones. We had such a lovely time making them!


  6. Thanks for including Art 4 little hands. So many cute ideas that I have seen, but even more I haven't. Can't wait to do some of them.


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