Google+ Authentic Parenting: 25 Christmas Decorations to Make Together

Thursday, December 15, 2011

25 Christmas Decorations to Make Together

What's more lovely then a well decorated house around christmas? A house you've decorated with crafts you've done with your child!

2. Salt Dough Candle Holders (NurtureStore)

3. Elegant wintery table decoration (Plaid Kids Crafts)

5. Heart Wreath (Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Peanut Christmas ornaments (What Makes Me Happy)
Too cute not to add here!

7. Heart Garland (Better Homes and Gardens)

8. Apple garland ( I Can Teach My Child)
These would work beautifully with stars or christmas trees too! You could add glitter.

9. Frozen Decorations (Red Ted Art)

10. Frozen wreath (The Artful Parent)

11. Gingerbread House (The Artful Parent)

12. Window Snowflakes (The Artful Parent)

13. Coffee Filter Garlands (The Artful Parent)

14. A Christmas Tree Advent Calendar (The Artful Parent)

15. Egg carton christmas tree (

17. Button Wreath ornament (Martha Stewart)

18. Fern Tree Decorations (Martha Stewart)

19. Ribbon Wreath (

20. Button Ornaments (Martha Stewart)

21. Salt Dough Ornaments (The Artful Parent)

22. Christmas Glue Catchers (Play at Home Mom)

23. Pompom Snowmen (Family Fun)
24. Recycled Ribbon Chain (Martha Stewart)

25. Doorbells (Martha Stewart)

If you and your family make any of these and you have a blog, please share the link in the comments beneath!



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