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Friday, November 11, 2011

Quote Of The Day

“This is the really great art – to educate without revealing the purpose of the education.”
- Joseph Goebbels



  1. Do you know who you just quoted!?

  2. of course I do! Did you read what he says? This is still going on now. Ask 100 parents why they send their kids to school, you'll know why I shared this quote.

  3. O.k, I probably read it the other way round, as in marvelling unschooling [because in the end you do want your child to be a learned educated person, just not by actually physically teaching]

    BTW, most people I tell I'm planning on homeschooling tell me I shouldn't because of the social aspect, as in that is THE reason for sending to school.

  4. yes, school is really the best place to socialize your child *rolls eyes*
    In unschooling, the child knows the purpose of his education, in formal school, I bet even the teachers have no clue... that's why I shared this quote, because of the atrocity of it all


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