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Monday, November 21, 2011

Natural Mama Birth and Postpartum Kit

I have been thinking about all that I have to prepare and the things I still have to purchase for this baby’s upcoming birth, and why not make a post of it while we’re at it. Share the wisdom ;)

For the birth
This is a list for homebirth, if you are planning a hospital birth, you will need much less and probably different things. This list may look extensive, but most of the things you’ll probably already have in your home, so it’s just a matter of putting them together in a convenient spot. And all you really need to birth this child is yourself, so everything else is about what makes you comfortable. Some of these items are already grouped if you’re buying a homebirth kit. Make sure to check with your midwife if she has any specific wishes.

for your comfort
  • lots of towels (preferably dark colored ones so you don’t have to work yourself into sweat getting stains out when all you should do is cuddle up with your baby)
  • sweet drinks to keep your blood sugar up during labor, e.g. coconut juice, honey sweetened RRL tea, sweetened nettle tea... Orange juice seems to make lots of birthing women nauseous some women prefer sports drinks, if you’re going with that option, make sure they’re organic
  • aromatherapy oils, homeopathic birth kit or herbal supplies
  • candles
  • nice music
  • ice
  • straws
  • birth ball
  • flannels for cooling your forehead
  • a little note for yourself or your husband with the numbers of who to call (doula, midwives, photographer... whomever you want around)
  • a crock pot or thermos with hot water (for compresses) and fresh ginger root - ginger on the compresses helps the blood flow to the perineal region to facilitate stretching
  • snacks and drinks - ready made, no fuss ones for you and the people attending your birth
  • your birth plan - if you have one
  • a camera
  • mirror - to follow the birth yourself
  • labor outfit - even if you’ll end up birthing naked, you might want to spend the first moments of labor in a comfy outfit
  • warm socks
  • hot water bottle or cherry pit pillow - for relief and pre-heating the baby’s clothes
  • bed in the room you want to give birth in - even if you’re planning a waterbirth, you can’t know in advance where you’ll end up birthing, and it might be nice to lay down afterwards to snuggle with your baby
  • soft toilet paper
  • sweet almond oil
  • extra set of sheets
medical supplies
  • baby scales - check with your midwife if you’re having an assisted birth, because she might have them available.
  • cotton squares, sterilized and bagged - to hold up against the vulva for relief
  • 2 small pots/buckets - for birthing the placenta etc
  • plastic sheet for covering the floor of wherever you’re standing
  • water resistant sheet for the bed
  • arnica pills
  • good lighting source + extension cable - if there need to be some stitches
  • soap in a pump and towel - for doctor or midwife
  • sponge and kitchen towel - for cleaning everything up
  • 2 large garbage bags
  • 1 box of sterile gauze
  • roll of non-sterile gauze
  • bottle of disinfectant
  • soft cream (cf. calendulacream)
  • balm - for the baby and yourself
  • cold-hotpack
  • cord clamp
Make sure the birth room can be well heated, cold has a negative effect on labor and birth

Image: Oana Hogrefe Photography
If you’re having a waterbirth
  • a birth pool and supplies - it’s best to buy/rent a kit that comes with a pump, waterbirth net etc.
  • waterproof torch
  • bathrobe

Overnight bag for hospital transfer
  • disposable underwear
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • soap
  • any other toiletries you may need
  • towel
  • comfortable pajama/nightgown and bathrobe


For baby
  • cloth wipes
  • newborn cloth diapers
  • some clothes for the baby, size newborn and 1 month
  • cloth diaper stash size small
  • cotton newborn hat
  • receiving blankets
  • placenta encapsulation supplies or lotus birth supplies if you decide to go with either
  • postpartum tea
  • nursing tea
  • fennel seeds - for you to drink as an infusion, if your baby has cramps or colic
  • postpartum cloth pads
  • sitz bath mix
  • post-partum pain relief of your choice
  • fresh set of comfortable clothes for the mother
  • comfortable nightwear with front buttons
  • frozen meals for the week after birth (or you can ask a friend to set up a food tree)
  • peri bottle - for spraying the vaginal area after using the toilet
Keep everything packed neatly until the day of birth in three boxes (post partum, baby and birth) and a suitcase (for transfer).

If you find anything missing on this list, or have any remarks, please share, so I can update it.



  1. oops, I had a transfer just in case birth plan, but never thought to have a just in case bag!! good thing (for many reasons) we didn't need it, but something to think of for next time. I may have missed it but did you have receiving blankets for the bubs? My midwife wanted me to have a bunch of those--we did go through quite a few in the transition from water to bed.

  2. Yes I do seem to have missed putting that in! Thanks! WIll edit rightaway

  3. I had most of these things, but didn't pack a transfer bag. I think I was so set on my homebirth, that it didn't even occur to me! Thankfully, everything went according to plan, and labor was an intense and quick 4 hours, start to finish.

    My exercise ball was nice to sit on in the beginning of labor. I also had a birth affirmations CD playing for awhile. Once I was in the intense phase of labor, I didn't want the candles, the music, the heater, etc., LOL. Just to be left alone.

  4. I make ice packs with non-lubricated condoms and disposable cloth diaper liners. I love these the first day after birth. Really helps with the swelling and fits perfectly.

    I also use adult diapers for the first day and a half of postpartum bleeding. It's the ultimate "disposable underwear" LOL

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