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Thursday, October 6, 2011

When Life is Handing Out Opportunity

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Pregnancy brings out deep emotions, feelings you didn’t know you had locked up inside, through vivid dreams and shifting emotions. Outbursts of passion and creativity. For me, in this pregnancy, it has been anger, depression, the question about the meaning of my life and creative bursts.
I have been thinking about this and have come to believe that it is nature’s way to confront you with the knots in your inner workings. To show you where you need to focus your energy, what you need to deal with before you have this baby, the emotional shit you have to work through. And also life showing you what you should be doing, what’s important.

I believe it is important to follow these hints your body and mind are giving you, to analyze them and try to work them out. It is your last chance before your baby is born to unload all this emotional stuff lest you will unload it unto him.
Indeed, if you have failed to work through your pains when becoming a parent, your child will offer you plenty of opportunity to confront yourself. You will face the rawest and truest of your essence.

Pregnancy, birth and parenting are not only about your child, it’s also about parenting yourself. Fostering yourself into a whole human being.
It’s imperative that we take these lessons when life is handing them to us, for they will only enrich our life and that of the ones who share our life.


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  1. It's so good to read what you've written in this post, and you're so right! I'm 4 months into my 3rd pregnancy and boy, am I feeling messed up today.... reading this has made me realise I need to look beyond how cross I'm feeling at WHY I feel like this. It's not enough to just blame hormones. Thank you for reminding me to look after my inner child, who's clearly having tantrums today x


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