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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Surf

Peaceful Parenting

Visit the newest Sunday Surfers: My Semi-Crunchy LifeAnktangleTmuffinLove Notes Mama and Becoming Crunchy. If you want to find out who else is surfing, go to the Sunday Surf page.
If you've joined the surfing fun over at your blog, leave a comment below, and I will add a link to it in the next edition of Sunday Surf. Feel free to add the Sunday Surf button to your blog, you can find it on the right side of this page or under the Sunday Surf tab. Newest Surfers will be added to the following Surf, older Surfers are listed on the Sunday Surf page. If you're Surfing and you have a button for me, email it to mamapoekie at yahoo dot com.



  1. I actually got my act together enough to do this for the first time this week. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. @Imo: you're welcome!
    @Shannon: are you already amongst the surfers? Otherwise you can add the link to your blog and I add you up


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