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Friday, September 30, 2011


I am human, and next to my finer moments, I have had dark moments, destructive moments. Times where movies like “Mean Girls” could learn something from me. Moments where I am not proud of, where I hurt those closest to me, those who cared about me most.
I have hurt people so badly that the guilt of it kept me awake years after the fact. So one day, I decided it was enough. I set aside my ego, my fear of judgement and I contacted two people I fret about and apologized. From the bottom of my heart. Not trying to explain. Just stating I was wrong, I had been mean, evil even, and that I had no right to have treated them this way. That so many years later I still think about them.
Both of them responded rather quickly. They were both extremely kind. They agreed I had hurt them, but they were delighted by the apology and they forgave me.
No more sleepless nights. No more fretting.

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An honest apology can sweep a dusty mind clean.


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  1. It takes so much to give an honest apology. And after years, to go back and say you're sorry... that's just amazing. So many of us would just shake our heads and think, "Oh, it was so long ago. It doesn't matter anymore."


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