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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Mexican Bola

When I was pregnant with my first child, I read about the Mexican Bola and got myself one, since it’s virtues seemed so many. The bola would give the newborn something familiar in a strange world, and might even help the baby turn head down at the end of pregnancy. Another 'selling point' for the bola is that it gives the baby a soothing sound in the womb.
Somewhere when my daughter was little, I had ordered a second one, for an eventual second child.

Image: Mexican

But lately I got to thinking. Why would your baby need something familiar outside the womb? Surely he has you, his mother. Maybe he has even been listening to his daddy and siblings talk to him when he was still cosy inside, and so he’ll recognize them too.
If your baby has spent nine months listening to your inner sounds, your voice, tasting your smells, why would he need anything else?

From an attachment parenting point of view there is no need for the bola. You’ll be the child’s “bola” at all times.

My conclusion was that the bola was invented for babies who would be put in secondary care at an early age, or who would have to sleep in a crib from birth. Not for attached babies. And for them, yes, it may be a reminder of the safe haven that is not there, but isn’t that bittersweet.
As for soothing noises in the womb, what's more soothing than a mother's heartbeat? Isn't a bola adding more noise to an already noisy world?

And for the flipping head down... the same effect can be achieved with a small bell or yoga exercises.



  1. For adopted babies or baby born via surrogate mother! :)

  2. @ali: that's an interesting suggestion, yes, in that case it would be a great idea


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