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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review and Giveaway: Nursies When the Sun Shines - CLOSED

Article first published as Book Review: Nursies When The Sun Shines by Catharine Havener on Blogcritics. I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

Night weaning is an issue many nursing mothers face. Wether it is fatigue, a desire to regain fertility more quickly or conflict of activities, reasons and objectives can be plentiful. But how do you do this in a gentle manner that doesn’t disrupt your attachment to your child? How do you tackle the topic without scaring them or making them feel pushed away?
Katherine Havener struggled with these same questions and noticed there was not much out there to help her and her baby cope with this difficult period, so she decided to write the book herself: “Nursies When the Sun Shines”. A soft and gentle bedtime story, preparing the young child for a different nighttime arrangement.

The story depicts a bedsharing family with a young child. The drawings - delicate watercolors by Sara Burrier - set the mood of a sweet tale about a truly connected family and will bring a smile of recognition to the face of any bedsharing family.
The book tells the child that there will be no more nursing at night (“nursies” go to sleep), but that mommy is still there, and the connection remains. It uses simple language to present the topic.

“I’ll hold you and love you while you drift back to sleep.
You’ll have nursies when the sun shines.”

Children’s books about attached families are rare and this one is a real gem. The rhytmic story is low in text, so it will appeal to the very young, but even the toddler will find pleasure in seeing the images of a family that sleeps in the same connected fashion they do.

Having a children’s book on night weaning is truly a great idea, and will help many a family struggling with the question. I can only applaud the initiative.

“Baby goes to sleep.
Mommy goes to sleep.
Nursies go to sleep... sleep nursies, sleep.”

About the author:
Katherine Havener is a natural and attachment parenting advocate, attorney, and mother to three girls (7, 5 and 8 mo). She is a retired Holistic Moms Network leader and an active member of La Leche League. Her inspiration for Nursies was her daughter Elea, who, for the first 22 months of her life, woke up every two hours to nurse. This is her first children's book.

You can find information about the book by visiting the website Or buy it through my Amazon store.

Or you could win it!
This Giveaway is open to UK, Canada, US and Australia, postage included, and will be closed on the 15th of Oktober
My family will not be able to enter, nor will I (sadly, because I could use a teething necklace for when baby comes)
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  1. This book would be perfect for me and my toddler. We co-sleep and she still night nurses. I hate to turn her away, but it keeps me up. I feel so mean about it. We had a hard time nursing at the begining. I almost gave up 12 weeks in because of an infected milk duct that had to be surgically drained 3 times. I guess I'm letting her nurse as long as she wants, because we were so close to not having this kind of relationship. She is mostly weaned during the day, but nurses in the morning, at her nap and at bedtime. I really would like to be able to night wean her in a gentle way.

  2. Breastfeeding started off as a real challenge for me. After the first three weeks of not being able to get a good latch we finally sorted it out. It has been smooth sailing ever since! When my daughter turned two I decided it was time for the "milkies" to sleep at night. This book would have been so helpful! We still have nights when she wakes in the night asking if the milk is awake. We still nurse on demand during the day, and I feel this book would help reinforce for her the new night time routine helping her to understand the milkies need to sleep too!

  3. I'm currently nursing my 2 year old daughter. It has been quite a journey for us as she is adopted. I'm so happy to still be nursing her at this age, but also often need help convincing her that maybe we could wait until the sun comes up. We would love to have this book!

  4. After a rocky start with blistered nipples, milk being slow to come in and an intial low-supply, my 9mo daughter and I have established a wonderful breastfeeding relationship. I was able to stop giving her formula comps at 8weeks, and to me, it felt like an incredible milestone. Now she is 9months old, demand feeds anytime, anywhere, as well as doing Baby-led solids. Unfortunately she only goes to sleep one of two ways - in the car, or breastfeeding.. At the moment, this isn't a problem (although it does feel draining after she's been waking repeatedly through the night..) but down the track, I think I'm going to need to encourage her to just have the single feed as she's going to sleep.. and then no more to the morning. This book looks like it would be a wonderful, gentle way of encouraging that transition.
    chicchick_02 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  5. Liked NobbyOrganics on FB, Natalie, chicchick_02 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  6. Breastfeeding started out very painfully for me, but has developed into the most rewarding relationship (for me & my little one) that I've ever had. Now,though, she doesn't nurse much during the day (except for naps) but does nurse every 1-2 hours through the night. Thankfully we have a family bed! I'm not close to ready to start night-weaning, but am a little scared about when the time comes. I think this book might help.

  7. Our breastfeeding journey has been largely plain sailing. My little girl loves it and generally so do I, but as we are expecting our long awaited second child, the frequent night feeds are dragging, and my resolve is wavering! This book seems like a beautiful, gentle way to introduce the idea of going to sleep without nursing.
    laylatacey (at) hotmail . com

  8. I breastfed my first two girls and now I'm pregnant with my third and have already nearly forgotten what it was like, even though my youngest is only just coming up to two! I breastfed her for a year, but I found it hard work by the end and it felt right for me to stop when I did.

    I do remember how hard it was to stop night feeds, which I had to do for my sanity as she wouldn't share our bed. We happily bedshared with no.1, but no.2 was far happier in her own space, which meant getting up all night to feed her. It felt so brutal to withhold milk at night, even though it was definitely the right thing to do (for both of us!), it's so hard!

    What a great idea for a book, there doesn't seem to be anything like this anywhere, would be very happy if I won a copy!

  9. Hmm, I forgot to say I'm a new follower too, hello :-)

  10. Me again! I just linked to this post in my blog

    Thanks again for your wise words in your later post!

  11. i have had two extended breastfeeding relationships, currently enjoying my 2nd with my 14 month old son. with both my babies I struggled through silent reflux, an inability to nurse in any position but side lying (not so handy for NIP) until 8 months old, and with my son a lazy lazy latch (ouch!) but i was able to night wean my daughter by removing myself from the family bed and allowing my husband to cuddle her back to sleep for as many stretches of sleep as she would allow. it took 5 months, but we night weaned without a tear. this time around my husband is working away in camp 2 weeks at a time, and i have no idea how i will night wean by myself! a good book would be a start ;)


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