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Monday, September 12, 2011

Achieving happiness

Happiness is like a muscle. You need to train it every day in order for it to be toned and strengthened. It is something most people strive to achieve, but what we often forget is how much of it we can control. Happiness is a state of mind, and one you can summon.
Our society is so focused on fear, and frustration and misery that often we forget that we can be happy, just by exercising happiness.
So how do you do this?
Here are ten tips to achieve happiness, they’re just small steps you can take every day, that will greatly lighten your heart and your existence. You control your feeling.

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  1. Laugh. Every day. Laugh together as a family. If you find nothing to laugh about, just laugh about laughter, find the most ridiculous laugh you can imagine, invite your partner and children to do the same. You’ll see, soon, you’ll find yourself rolling over the floor trying not to wet your pants.
  2. Analyze your thoughts. If there are negative ones, let go of them one by one. Shake them off like dust, vocalize them out of your body, find whichever way works for you to get rid of negative thoughts and frustrations.
  3. Be aware of your feelings. Don’t hold on to anger or frustration. Work them through in a healthy manner and then let go.
  4. Be in the moment. Being present avoids worrying about the future or getting stuck in the past. You only live now. In being present when you are with your family, you will find that you enjoy it more then when you are caught up in your head. Don’t cling to what may have gone wrong in the past, don’t fret about what’s to come in the future. The future is a question mark and the past is behind you. If you have severe issues about your past, seek guidance or counseling, if you fret about having wronged someone, apologize to them, however long it may have been. Deal with the knots in your heart and move on.
  5. Spend some time on an activity you like everyday. Choose something small, which you can do for 5 or 10 minutes. A couple rows of knitting, some yoga poses, a walk in your garden, read an article... Do something for yourself every day and enjoy it as you are doing it. Don’t worry about not getting ‘everything’ done, just enjoy the activity. You may not have seas of time every day, but you will manage to spare these 5 to ten minutes.
  6. Enjoy the daily things, your meals, taking a shower, brushing your hair.... These can all be moments of delight if you allow them to be. Again this has to do with being in the present instead of being in your head.
  7. When you get up in the morning, tell yourself this is going to be a good day. Make it so. Even if the weather is bad. Even if you didn’t sleep well. You can make this day amazing.
  8. Wear the clothes you like, and that are comfortable on you. If you have a moment to spare, toss out all clothes that make you feel miserable, that you think make you look fat or ugly, that are uncomfortable, stingy or painful. You clothes are there to follow you, not to make you or shape you.
  9. Sit down to think about what bothers you in life. What makes you sad, what frustrates you, what makes you angry. Is there a way to get around these things? Is there a way to deal with them more adequately?
  10. Get outside, every day. Even if it’s cold. Even if it’s just a few minutes. And when you are, take some time to let it seep in, the air on your face, the sun in your eyes. Even if you’re just walking from the parking lot to the store entrance, notice the tree on your way, hear the birds chirping. Feel the ground under your feet. Connect to the earth.

A happy parent fosters happy children. Work on your happiness now, for you only live today.



  1. I needed this post today! Monday Blues getting to me...
    Can I link back to this post from my website?

  2. wonderful ideas; thanks for sharing. I find number 2 takes a lot of working on, but I've since realised that if I have something in my hand I want to let go of I can just open my fingers and let it run through or tip my hand upside down and watch it fall out - now I use this as a metaphor for unwanted thoughts by visualising them in my hand and letting them slip through my fingers. :)

  3. You sure can link to this, MomAGain!
    Mrs green: love these metaphors, I also visualize it as water gliding of me.


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