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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Very Much Alive

I have been out for too much time to mention, and of course my blog has suffered. For the first time in over one and half year, I have not published anything for days in end, and not for lack of inspiration.
The truth is I was without internet, again, because a bird flew into the electricity network and there were no spare parts to get things fixed. that’s life in the African jungle for you.
I have had a very hard time coping without internet, feeling very much alone and isolated. I am now the only expat woman on site, my daughter the only expat child. And while my daughter still has friends in the local town, that leaves me all alone on my mountain.

A positive note to the information blackout is that I got to write lots, so you’ll be having plenty of new content coming at you.

On a personal level, we’re still living in the small flat we moved into after leaving the community house. We have prospects of a larger house in some distant future, who knows when. The flat is getting a little crowded, with only one bedroom and a toddler who needs more and more space, and my ever growing belly, one of us often ends up sleeping on the couch. We still don’t have enough wardrobe space to unpack everything, so lots of things remain in suitcases. My clothes have been banned to the pantry, for lack of cupboard.

Pregnancy wise, I’m doing great. I’ve got a very active little one in there, that already makes my belly jump up when (s)he kicks.



  1. Glad to know that you haven't disappeared! Doubly glad that things are sorting out for you, slowly but sure! Much love.

  2. Glad you're back! I missed your posts!
    Best of wishes there with your crowded space... I know it gets very annoying whyen you are pregnant and you want the "nest" to be perfect!


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