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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take Time To Dream

Often as a parent we think and wonder and hopefully listen
to what our children dream about accomplishing. From scaling the “tallest slide ever” to being the captain of a “purple spaceship” all the way to being “an inventor of glowing things” the dreams and wishes never seem to have an end. The imagination and the limitlessness of thoughts are simply wonderful.

As parents somewhere in the many hours of the day which were spent on the computer and telephones, or on the road, or mending boo-boos and wiping up the spills and the messes, it’s easy to forget about our own dreams and wishes.
Learning to play the Guitar, trying a flamenco class, learning about wine, starting a book club, taking yoga at sunset or starting up your own crochet business, whatever this wish or dream may be, did you know pursuing it is actually a wonderful way to encourage your child to keep dreaming?
Parenting is a hard job with many hours and fantastic benefits but one that also should hopefully involve some hours of rejuvenation. If you practice parenting, meeting everyone’s needs and working to make and keep deep connections, restoring the peace and fostering a loving home you know how demanding things can be. However, meeting your own needs, giving yourself time to dream and having “a life” is also showing your child that YOU matter (and you really do), and that dreams can come true. It also will likely increase your happiness and happiness is contagious, it really is. And happy dreaming children are such a wonderful thing. So go ahead, take time to dream.
So what dreams are you chasing?
Peace & Be Well,



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