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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review: The Baby Led Weaning Cookbook

The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook is the second book by author’s duo Rapley and Murkett, designed to help parents who already follow the Baby-Led method with nutritious recipes to bring variety to the table.

The authors undertook the ambitious projects of writing a cookbook which would be attractive or at least adaptable for any diet, and succeeds at that attempt. There are recipes that would appeal to vegans, vegetarians, and even paleo-dieters like us.
The recipes draw from many different cultures and will give your child a rich and varied mealtime experience.
Yet, as with the original Baby Led Weaning book, being on the paleo diet makes us disagree with much of the dietary information and ideas about healthy meals that are given in the book.

One should not expect bland and dull recipes we see in other cookbooks about first solids, but rather exciting flavor combinations from all over the globe, spiked with delicious spices and herbs. The book avoids purees and cereals, to favor a shared mealtime experience for the entire family, from the first solids your baby samples onwards.

The book starts with a quick recap of what Baby-Led Weaning is all about and how to bring it to your kitchen, offering tips for food safety and storage, and making mealtimes not only a pleasant experience, but one that doesn’t cling you to the stove for long hours beforehand.
For parents who are following the Baby Led method, or interested in trying it, and are lost when it comes to recipes, this book will bring thrilling mealtime experiences to the whole family. It also offers more than adequate information for parents who are familiar with the method and want to learn more about it. An experienced chef will not find in this book a cooking bible, since most of the recipes do remain quite basic.

I received a free copy of the book from the publisher for review purposes. You can buy the book through my astore.



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