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Monday, August 8, 2011

7 Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy

A while back I read an article on Babble entitled just this. I was appalled to find that more than half of her pregnancy savers were either junk food or medication, both are things which your baby doesn’t need during gestation. Even though I'm not very fond of the title, since it makes pregnancy sound like the plague, I decided to write my own.
Though I must admit I do take the occasional antacid, as I have had serious reflux with my first pregnancy, and this time around had it from the moment of conception. I am still looking for natural alternatives (if you have any, please add them in the comments below), but so far no luck.

1. Pillows
On this point, I agree with the Babble author: pillows are a great way to create a comfortable sleeping and even sitting arrangement. I have one under the head of my mattress (against the reflux), and use a nursing pillow between my legs. Towards the end of my previous pregnancy, I had another one behind my back, and one under the back of the mattress, to battle heavy legs and fluid retention.

2. My special morning sickness brew
The first few months of this pregnancy I was attached to the hip to my teapot and special brew. First thing in the morning, my husband would concoct a ginger and lemongrass infusion, fresh from the garden. I would then drink the first two cups warm and the rest of it cold.
This is the recipe
an inch of ginger, cut in pieces - for the morning sickness
one stem of lemongrass, rolled up - this calms the nervous system, and at that time I was dealing with a lot of anger and frustration, plus it is super yummy.
Just pour boiling water over the lot and drink hot or cold
You can add some honey for taste
Some days I added the juice of one lime, for the vitamins

3. Prunes
Dried prunes or prune juice help really well when you are constipated, which is a common symptom of the hormones and later the pressure of your bowel. Always keep some handy. They make a delicious snack. You could also make compote from dried prunes, by stewing a cup of prunes and a cup of water, mix or mash, as desired.

4. Water

Image: Gromgull on Flickr
Water is really the source of life, especially when you’re pregnant. Drinking a lot of water replenishes the amniotic fluid, wards of fluid retention, helps against constipation and lots more. I always have a bottle and glass next to me, specifically when I am writing.

5. Rest
I try to listen to my body and rest as much as possible. This is not always easy with a three year old around the house, but I arrange it so I either nap with her, or someone is around to take care of her during a nap. If I am really low energy, I will take a quick cat nap while she’s watching a movie.

6. Yoga
Right now I am doing Shiva Rea’s Prenatal Yoga, and so far it has really helped me control my back issues. I feel replenished and relaxed after a session and my daughter loves to join. I don’t do it as much as I like, but end up doing the whole session at least twice a week.

7. Positive Thinking
Probably the most important thing in pregnancy is your thoughts. It is in your power to control them, and turn around negative thought. Pregnancy should be a time of contemplation, where you benefit from dealing with and healing your grievances, in order to be radiant and ready when that little bubble arrives.



  1. This sounds pretty much like what I did, except for the concoction. Luckily no morning sickness.
    As for the reflux, mine was awful. I didn't like the idea of meds, so resisted taking them. I found dairy to help and Greek yoghurt was even better than antacids! Not so good on your waist though, hehe, but just a couple spoons helps. Hope that helps.

  2. For the heartburn/reflux, I have found that almond milk really relieves mine. I sometimes have to drink 2 cups, but it works. Hope it might help you too!

  3. Good points! Not always mentioned in pregnancy articles...

  4. The juice of half a freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of tap water fixes my awful reflux. Heartburn is caused by not enough stimulated stomach acids, antacids may give temporary relief but they are just masking the problem :o)

  5. Thank you for this positive list of survival tools!!! :)

  6. I got mild reflux/heartburn relief from papaya enzyme and a pregnancy tea with an added herbal blend of marshmallow root, slippery elm, and meadowsweet. There are also some yoga poses that help, and I cannot recommend chiropractic care or acupuncture enough.

  7. I use peppermint oil (research your companies- if I am eating an oil I only use Young Living) for reflux and heartburn. You can put a drop in your tea, or your water, or take it strait- but you do want to dilute it with olive oil.

    It can sometimes disrupt lactation if you are currently nursing, but I've never had a problem with that. If it does, it'll only be for a day or so and then you'll be back to normal, so in my book it's worth a try.


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