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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Good Investment---Rerun

What if I told you I have something you can invest in that will give you a return you couldn’t possibly imagine. It’s the investment of a lifetime; seriously, it’s so great. It’s so simple; there are no required minimums*. This is the kind of investment that you will enjoy so much you will probably want to invest more once you get started.

You might be asking yourself if this is some sort of SPAM, but read on, this is serious business and an investment every parent should be making.
This investment is so amazing because it gives you a combined solution to a host of challenges. Better connectivity, trouble shooting, deeper understanding of a complex and ever changing relationship. You don’t even need to prepare that much, spontaneity in this case can lead to awesome results.
Consider these two quick ideas:
  • Those who engage in this investment on a daily basis report high satisfaction levels.
  • Many experts endorse and have written books on this very thing.
Are you ready to invest then? I’ll be upfront, you need some time, a little effort and some partners.
Chances are you already have one, two, three or more investment partners near you. That’s right, you will not invest alone, actually, part of this investment is to forge these partnerships and I can practically guarantee positive outcomes.
Investing together will boost morale, provide a chance for growth and give you a window into the world of your partners. These are recent testimonials from my investment partners:
“Wow this is so awesome! I didn’t know that could happen!” – Investing since 5 years
“Again!” – Investing since 1 year
“WOW. I want to try that. ” – Investing since 3 years
Are you ready to know what this is all about?
This investment is a way to tackle new concepts and make complex connections. A way to give your investment partners a way to collect and analyze data and crunch information that yields retention rates like nothing else. That’s right, high interest yields and it is even considered an educational tool.
The investment is called: Play!
Play can be one of the best investments you make in your child, in yourself and your family. You might have thought I’d gone a bit off the rocker writing this but I was just having a little fun. I was annoyed with a few sales pitches this week and had to make something good out them.
So seriously, playtime it is an investment in your child, their future, their life. Play builds relationships, makes your child feel special and connected. Playing with your child is never wasted time. So go ahead, set aside your “to do” list, for just ten minutes a few different times a day play with your child and have fun!
Peace & Be Well,
*Did you know: Play is so important to optimal child development that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child.General AssemblyResolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989.

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