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Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Ways to Train Your Pelvic Floor Without Exercise (rerun)

There has been some wind that Kegels aren’t the magnificent exercise they are believed to be.

A kegel attempts to strengthen the PF, but it really only continues to pull the sacrum inward promoting even more weakness, and more PF gripping. The muscles that balance out the anterior pull on the sacrum are the glutes. A lack of glutes (having no butt) is what makes this group so much more susceptible to PFD. (1)
The answer to a healthy pelvic floor, ready for birth and a speedy recovery and apt to avoid incontinence is quite simple: squats. Modern women hardly ever squat, toilets, chairs, comfortable sofa’s have made this movement nearly obsolete. But in forsaking the squat, we may have lost more than we have gained.

In this article, I want to give you ways in which to integrate squats into everyday life again. By making squatting a habit again, you are toning your pelvic floor without tedious exercise. These are regular everyday situations, in which you can just as easily squat instead of sitting your butt on the floor or kneeling (which is detrimental to the knee joint).
Image: Moriza on flickr
  1. Filling and emptying the washer and dryer
  2. playing with your toddler or infant
  3. comforting your toddler
  4. pee in the shower
  5. gardening
  6. picking things of the floor
  7. cleaning - various cleaning situations can be done squatting
  8. go camping
  9. build a barbecue pit instead of a barbecue that requires you to stand up (this is also much more convivial)
  10. filling lower cupboards
You might find that at first, the squat is uncomfortable, and you can’t hold it long. That’s not a problem and you should avoid straining at all cost. When you feel an uncomfortable stretch in your pelvic area (which is specifically common when you are pregnant), cease the squat and sit back. If your legs feel tired, stop. You have to rediscover these muscles, so don’t ask for everything at once.
Other ways to get some bootylicious are yogic squats and any type of dancing.

How do you incorporate squats into your daily life?

(1) Pelvic Floor Party: Kegels are not Invited, on Mamasweat



  1. I prepare my vegetables on the floor while squatting (Don't worry, I use a chopping board!) My daughter likes to see what I'm doing when cooking, so I came down to her level rather than getting her to stand on a chair. I'm definitely feeling the benefit, and will put some of your tips into use too. Thank you!

  2. That's a great idea! We always sit down to do that, but then DD is on her knees. Might try that one day!

  3. I squat in front of my son and hold him up while he is on the potty at a public bathroom (with no child seat). He really likes to take his time, so it's quite the PF workout!

  4. I have scoliosis so a lot of walking can really make my back scream. I have found that squatting actually gives me so much relief. I've been known to squat everywhere from Target to Disneyworld, for no other reason than to make my back stop hurting for a few minutes. I also take my time getting things off lower shelves when I'm out shopping... provides a nice little break. :-)


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