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Monday, June 6, 2011


My sweet little daughter is three today. I am the luckiest person in the world, being able to share her life, to be touched by her wondrous being. She is a force of nature, and I am constantly in awe of her joy of life, her intelligent nature, her inquisitive mind. She is passionate and kind. She is strong-willed and authentic.
I am grateful for every time she gazes into my eyes, for every kiss we share, for the snuggles late at night, for the nursing and the giggles.
And I know that soon, some of our habits will change, as she continuously grows and develops into her strong and secure self. Like baby wearing, which we did last about a month ago, for a minute... just for play.
But with every step there is something new that marvels us. And eventually, she'll be leading a full life on her own. But for now, we're taking baby steps.



  1. Lovely! I have a nearly three year old daughter too - and your words echo my sentiments about my girl. Aren't we lucky to be touched by their wonder?

    I like your new blog design, by the way!

  2. Beautiful sentiment! Happy birthday to your little one. It is so important to cherish the little things.

  3. Happy 3 years old to your sweet princess!

  4. Thanks Deborah, I really like it too, needs some more tweeking, but I'm very lazy right now ;)
    ANd thanks y'all for the birthday wishes. She is a very precious litle girl and lights up my life by her mere existence

  5. Oh wow, I didn't realise it was her birthday yesterday! Happy birthday little lady :)


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