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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Surf

Arts, craft and activities
Pregnancy and Birth
  • Science&Sensibility writes about the medical system's continuous disregard of patients wants and evidence based practices when it comes to childbirth. Diana Scully, writer on women’s health, makes this breath-taking observation: “Of all professions, medicine has been among the most successful in achieving autonomy and establishing the freedom to work without regulation from outside its own community”2. It’s not hard to understand that the intense socialization process caused by living inside that “community” for years of medical training shapes the ethics, the values, the very behavior of OBs. The autonomy of this community allows the continuing use of practices and protocols that by now just about everyone knows are not based on best evidence.
  • Jessica from The Leaky Boob urges us to keep it easy during the postpartum period and make it a period of recovery and healing. 
  • Following up on the commotion about the genderless baby, this thoughtful post about gender, sex and neutrality on Follow the Dream.
Peaceful Parenting
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