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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Look

You've probably noticed that there have been some changes here. I got a new header and logo (available as grab button on your right hand side). To make it all match, I've fiddled a little with the color and background of the blog too.
These wonderful pieces of digital art were made for me by Jenna Designs.

Jenna is a freelance graphic artist, writer and illustrator with a background in the print industry and marketing. She also enjoys designing content and copy for websites, and hope to soon implement a custom blog design service. Currently, she works from home so that she can be home with her 15 month old nursling, who is the center of her universe. Her hope for the future is to combine her degrees in child development and graphic design so that she can teach design and art to children. 

Here are some examples of the work she does, but you can always check out her wesite.

If you've got some digital work that needs to be done, check out her website for a selection of other things she has done. 

So, what do you think of the revamping?



  1. Love the new header graphic. So cool-looking.

  2. Love the new look! Jenna's work is AWESOME!

  3. I have been meaning to comment on the new look. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it. That header graphic is soooooo gorgeous. It grabs your soul. I have to check out your design guru. She really did an amazing job!

  4. Gorgeous! And so fitting for this blog... :D

  5. Wow ! When I read "New look", I got scared you had cut your hair ! Bahaha !

    The new banner is wonderful. The colours are nice too, very appeasing. I like it.



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