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Friday, June 24, 2011

Eco-Friendly Maternity Wear

Written by Sally

When a woman discovers she is expecting, immediately a million questions run through her head. Will I be a good mother? Will he be a good father? What will we name him? Or will it be a she? What color should we paint the baby’s room? Are we prepared for a baby’s room?

Though you may not know all of the answers right away, they always seem to come to you eventually and things work out in some beautiful way. One question many mothers don’t think about, though, is should I purchase organic maternity wear?

I recently received one of my weekly email marketing newsletters from a popular natural parenting store close to my home and it sparked that question in my head. Would I purchase organic maternity wear for my next pregnancy? I hadn’t been fully committed to green when I was pregnant with my first child. I learned more and more about the importance of living organically and have taken steps to help my family grow in a way that is both enjoyable and organic.

For expectant mothers committed to raising their families under a ‘green’ lifestyle, as I am, decisions about maternity wear can still be daunting. Some might question how important ecological maternity wear really is and others might question the validity of the benefits involved with going organic. Though they know why it's important to think organically even when it comes to clothing, it can be a heavy weight on your pocketbook and seem less important than other aspects of your green lifestyle, especially when few physical stores actually carry such items.

Why go out of our way to find and spend money on clothes that will only fit for a few months? After considering why you chose to live and raise your family ecologically, the answer is simple. Buying organic maternity wear is simply an extension of a commitment we’ve made in choosing to live a green lifestyle. Organic cotton isn’t grown with pesticides or fertilizers that pollute the air we breathe. Recycled fabrics save us from being wasteful and filling land dumps. Eco-friendly clothing is made with renewable energy that help us save the natural resources so many exploit. Organic cotton also is stronger, as it has not been tainted with chemicals, and will last longer than normal cotton. This long-lasting, eco-friendly clothing can even be resold on different auction sites to help ease the pain of the price.

Whether your issue be with cost or availability, it's important to do your part to stay committed to a green lifestyle. Investing in eco-friendly clothing simply helps drive home the point you're trying to prove with your green lifestyle. It may, at first, seem like a hard decision to make, but you have to remember the commitment you are making to the environment is one that will keep giving back for generations.

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