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Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 10 Movies To Watch Together

My daughter watches a fair amount of movies, preferably graphic animation, so she has a very exstensive collection. Very often I find myself watching with her. Mostly I think she has a great taste in movies, but some of the things she watches are more child-oriented then others, so I thought I'd compose a list of movies we love to watch together.

  1. Corpse Bride (Tim Burton). If like my daughter, your child is into everything dark and creepy, like monsters, mummies, skeletons etc, this is definitely one to watch. I love just about everything in this movie, I'd want to live in it: the dark gloominess, the beautiful finish, the songs, the macabre, the perfect rendering of the little town... we could (and do) watch it over and over again. The story is that of Victor, the son of rich fishmongers and Victoria, the daughter of empovered aristocrats. They are to be married. While they initially dread the marriage, it is love at first sight, until Victor finds himself mistakingly married to a corpse. Not for sensitive viewers though.
  2. Azur et Asmar (Michel Ocelot). This movie tells the lovely tale of two boys who grow up together as brothers, one is European and the other one is Arabian. The mother of the Arabian boy, Asmar, is the other boy's (Azur) wet nurse. Every evening she tells them a story of a fairy who is locked away in the chamber of light, waiting for her fair prince to save her. Until one day Asmar and his mother are chased away by Azur's father. When Azur becomes a man, the story of the fairy is still on his mind, so he travels to Arabia to save her. A wonderful bonus, next to the beautiful graphics, the lovely sights and sounds and the marvelous multicultural quality of the story, is that the movie opens on the mother of Asmar breastfeeding both boys as babies, nipple and all (eat that, Facebook). This is originally a French movie, by the maker of Kirikou (see below), but I think the link here is an English version.
  3. Kirikou et La Sorcière (Michel Ocelot). I could have put any Kirikou movie in here, but I think Kirikou et la Sorcière (Kirikou and the witch) is probably the most beautiful in the collection. Kirikou is a little African village boy who lives a multitude of wonderful stories, they are also accounted in books. Besides the fact that my daughter really connects with this naked african boy, the scenes are always very beautiful and I love Ocelot's choice of color and backdrops. (He has a third movie, Princes et Princesses, which is very promising, but I have yet to see the whole thing).
  4. Ratatouille (Pixar). Ratatouille is an animation that didn't go unnoticed. It is a nice movie to watch as a family, set against a beautiful backdrop of Paris, with music to go along with it. It tells the story of a rat who loves food and loves to cook, and finds himself cooking in a star rated restaurant, by the help of a young and clumsy garbage boy.  
  5. Kung-Fu Panda. (DreamworksI am not into action movies, so originally, this was not a movie that appealed to me much, but as my husband and I were already big animation lovers before my daughter arrived, we gave it a shot anyway. Tis movie is not what it initially may seem. It does focus on martial arts, but spun into such humor and wisdom that it is fun for the whole family. 
  6. The Incredibles. A family with superpowers find each other in the heat of battle when an evil genius wants to kill off dad. A couple of nice life and parenting lessons hidden in this one too. 
  7. Monsters Inc. Where do nightmares come from? That's basically the inspiration of this movie, but the monsters are just as scared of you. As I said before, my daughter is very fond of everything scary, so this one hit the jackpot for her. And it's a pretty enjoyable movie for the whole family.
  8. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. (Dreamworks) I really like both parts of this movie, but obviously this is the one we choose to mention here. The voices are great, and the characters are hilarious, especially 'King Julian' (Sacha Baron Cohen) and his sidekick Maurice (Cedric the Entertainer). This is a great movie if you're looking for some laughs and absurdities. 
  9. The Sound Of Music. You've gotta love Julie Andrews. This movie appealed more to my daughter than Mary Poppins did, and it is a lovely thing to watch as a family. The historical backdrop and gorgeous scenery certainly make it an enjoyable movie moment and the songs had my daughter singing in English in no time (she still does the Adieu bit, and it's been over six months since we've seen the movie). The movie contains a couple of legendary songs you'll certainly recognize. 
  10. Wallace & Gromit. There are already a couple of movies from Wallace & Gromit nowadays. I specifically like them because they are so gorgeously made and so much time and effort went into them. And of course Gromit is the most endearing dog on the big screen!


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  1. That's funny, my little girls (2 and 4 yrs) are watching Sound of Music as I read this! LOL, we've probably watched it, oh... about three million times? give or take. :)
    Thanks for the list, I now really want to check out that Azure et Asmar and the Kirikou movies which I had never heard of before.


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