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Monday, May 16, 2011

Like Planting A Seed

In your attempt to be an authentic parent, to parent with respect and to regain inherent trust and unconditional love, there will be times that you fail. There will be moments where you are bum struck and fall back on the old patterns.
Or maybe you've come to authentic parenting only later in your child's life, and you feel guilty about the years you have lost, the years you failed to 'know better'.

It is easy to get stuck in the guilt. To notice the flaws and errors. To worry about it's effect on our child.

Image: Rev Stan on Flickr
Do not fret about these things, don't be consumed with guilt. Think that in your -albeit flawed - effort, you may have planted a seed. A seed that will grow and blossom, when your child has children, and when they have their children. A seed encounters bumps on the road too, but if it is adequately nurtured, it will grow and flourish. Think not of what is not, but think of what can become.

Maybe, your child will face the world with love and trust, rather than with fear and hate. Maybe he'll grow up to be someone who deeply values life and connection.

If you transpose the possible impact of authentically parenting your child to a nationwide level, a global level, towards a future view rather then past regrets, the effects will be massive.

So be grateful to yourself for everything you do right. And make a bigger effort to undo the wrong another time.



  1. Well said! I also try to forgive myself for the parenting I did 15 years ago! And work from where I am now... And sometimes mentioning to my Teen that I am doing it diferently now, and giving the reasons! She "understands" it perfectly!

  2. This post was just what I needed to hear today. I'm less than 2 years into my parenting journey and already I feel there's a lot I wish I'd changed. I guess that showing our children that we learn and develop over time can only be a good thing. Thank you for the post!


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