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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Failing School Because You Are Fat

Malaysian repord cards will now include grades based on the student's BMI, as a strategy to battle obesity. Lower scores on the BMI will allegedly warn parents that they have to pay closer attention to their kids diets, because hey: they are fat.

First of all, there is lots to say about the use of BMI as an indicator of obesity. It is hugely flawed, and that has been proved and discussed all over. That's saying enough for the sake of this article.
But not only is BMI a faulty device, so is grading. And grading on physical appearance... this is just wrong in so many levels that it makes my head spin.
In school, a child many children find themselves already in an uncomfortable situation, because they are away from home and the people they love, they might encounter road block in the form of bad grades, difficulties concentrating and maybe bullying... so we'll just add to this by grading them on something they themselves can't control. This is telling them that they are to blame for being 'fat', that their 'fatness' is a flaw and that they are less of a person because of it.
A while back I shared an article where kids as young as three years old attributed term such as 'stupid' to imagery of a larger person. If now, kids can fail because of their weight, will this not increase the stupid fat person stigma? Didn't anyone think this through?
While obesity is indeed an ever growing health issue, adding more fat stigma to the world is really not a healthy strategy. Shouldn't governments better spend their time and energy on the companies that are sprinkling sugar, salt and corn syrup over everything and are calling it healthy? I think I could single handedly come up with a dozen obesity battling strategies without having to shame the children who suffer from it.

But no, they probably don't want to bite into the tax revenue they get from the companies adding all this shit to these kid's food, they don't want to improve mother's situations so they would be able to stay home and care for there children, and they sure won't touch the schools who are making kids sit down eight hours a day, because that would undermine consumerism.
Instead, let's make those fatties feel even worse about themselves, so later on they will require plastic surgery and diet pills, to keep the bussinesses going!



  1. this is a double edged sword. it is good to see schools taking an interest in something that could have a huge negative effect on a child's ability to learn. but as usual, 'they' are going about it the wrong-est way possible.

  2. OMG. I was always bigger in school, can you imagine? The report cards come out, all the kids look at them at school and ask to see eachothers', can you imagine the teasing?? This is a horribly bad idea. I see where they're coming from, but this is a baaaaaad idea!


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