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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peaceful Parenting in the Teen Years (rerun)

I recently got a request on my Facebook page about parenting peacefully when you have a teen. Now, I think much of peaceful parenting is the same no matter the age of your child. Respect and trust need to be the basics of your parenting toolbox.
As I have a toddler right now, I went searching for links by bloggers who have teens themselves.

  • The site Parenting Teenagers offers a vast amount of articles on different topic (e.g. Guiding your teen in his dealing with peer pressure)
  • Sandra Dodd's list of links on teens and some more
  • Parenting Teens on Peaceful Parenting dot com"Accept the reality that you cannot control your child’s behavior. You can only influence it. You have never been able to control your child’s behavior, it just appeared otherwise."
  • The Zombie Princess addresses the issue of Trust and how it is deformed in mainstream parenting: "what a traditional parent really means when she says she trusts her kid to make good choices is that she trusts her teen to make the same choices she would choose for him."
  • A beautiful example of Non-Violent Communication with teens on Aha Parenting
  • Unlearnt At Last writes about adult reactions to teens and respect.
All these links aside, the basics of parenting your teen are being laid when they are small children. If you parent in a loving, caring way, your parenting need not change much, and many of the 'rules' are still the same, only the specifics change. 
If you are experiencing difficulties with your teenager however, it is not too late. Children are naturally forgiving and will gladly accept a change in paradigm if you are only coming to peaceful parenting at this point. There is always room for growth, in your relationship with your child and in yourself. 
Here are some of my articles that apply to all ages, to get you started:
These are just a few examples, but feel free to browse through the labels at the right and you'll find many more.

When it comes to books, I think Shefali Tsabary's "The Conscious Parent" applies really well for parenting teens too.



  1. Thanks for he post and links! I will have to come back here to check it all!
    Wat I have found with my Teen is to give her responsibility of her own life. If you make choices, you have to face the consequences as well... And trust her to make her own choices for her own life! And talk, talk, talk! All the time!

  2. I will be adding this to my bookmarks for sure... it's a ways off for us... but not TOO far (yikes!)

    Thank you.


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