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Friday, March 18, 2011

Choose Your Gods

To a newborn, it's mother is God. Literally, the creative being, the force of nature in its life. As they grow older, and their world gets bigger, depending on the type of God you impersonated, you will remain as such, or will be overthrown and replaced by other idols. In the latter option, your child may well become an atheist of human relations.
Are you a Greek God? Cruel but just? Are you a destructive God? Are you a kind God? A god of love and unconditionality? Are you a God of Awareness and Spiritual Awakening?

Kali, Piyal Kundu
The one who is cruel and torturous will be resisted, while the one who guides and loves will be loved in return. Unconditionally.

Think about this and the impact you are making next time your encounter a conflictual situation with your child. Your reaction will be the guide for all his future relationships.



  1. Beautiful sentiments that I agree with.

    I've been replaced by the pantheon of: The Pirates of Penzance, Peter Pan, and Star Wars. I'm not sure what that says, other than Squee!

  2. Love this. Thank you. :) (Can I suggest a LIKE button ;D)


  3. you mean a FB like button, Nev? I can look into it

  4. I have an 18 year old daughter and apparently I have been overthrown. I also have four boys, I have been evolving since they were born, I hope I am loved forever.


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