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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review: Resurrecting Anthony

It wasn't until I read the last chapter of Resurrecting Anthony that I was sure about doing this review. I only do reviews when they are in tune with my philosophy of life and parenting. I tend to decline books that do not bring anything constructive to this site, but sometimes you just don't know. It has happened that I read a book that was offered to me for reviewing purposes and found it wrong for this blog. I prefer not to do a review than to trash a book because it does not align with my views.

Resurrecting Anthony is the account of a family who lives through the unimaginable: their 12 year old son Anthony collapses on the playground one day - out of the blue - and ends up in a coma that will change the life of the family forever.
The account is written by Tony Cole, the father and the book  ends with giving tips on how to live through tragedy such as happened to them (these tips are written by the mother, Linda).

The Coles aren't natural birthers or peaceful parents and they sure aren't unschoolers. In fact, one of the first thing the father says when he visits his comatose child in the hospital is that they should make sure that they keep up with his school assignments.
The Coles are an all-American family, in a stereotypical, almost cartoonish way. They are the poster family of mainstream. They have two children, live in a comfortable home, run the family business of sales coaching... it could pretty much be something out of a television show. They are highly invested in the athletic career of their child and every twist of fate is a sports metaphor waiting to happen.

The tag line of the book is "A True Story Of Courage and Destination". Throughout my lecture I kept wondering why on earth they chose this tag line and what could this book bring to you, my audience. This is the account of a father who is not gentle or authentic, who yells and screams at his handicapped son because he isn't 'performing'! But then I reached the last chapter and it dawned on me. This book is so powerful because they are mainstream, because the father is not gentle. In the end it takes tragedy to bring him to the realization that he needs to accept his son as he is. And that is a truly inspirational message. And it must have taken oodles of courage to write such a raw and true account of the flawed nature of mankind. And to write it as well and fluent as Tony Cole did.

I hope that many do read this book and not wait until tragedy overcomes their families to accept each other. I hope this book is an inspiration for families all over to treasure life.



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