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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Songs For Tots

The little Globetrotter and I have a fierce Youtube habit. We watch a lot of videos on there, of all different types, and over the weeks, we've managed to sift out the good ones, so I thought I would share, here are some nice songs for toddlers.

The dinosaur song
Funny animated song that will make you sing along! The tune is fun and it gives you a variety of dino's and their specifics in a fun way.

The Hippo and The Dog
A hippo performs "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", while a dog practices a funny little dance. I couldn't embed this one, but you can follow the link in the title.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
If your little one is sleepy, this might do the trick. A cute animation with an owl and a star.

Osito Gominola
A gummibear who dances and drives a car! Success guaranteed with a tot! Exists in multiple colors and different languages, but we really like this spanish version. There are some themed songs by the gummibear too.

Crazy Frog
There's a whole series of songs by this frog, and for one reason or other, my daughter really likes him. A frog who sings and dances to techno music. In this one he pretends to be on a motorcycle. Follow the link on the title



  1. Thanks for sharing. Ben likes the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and kept asking me to replay it for him. Guess he likes seeing the owl and the star jumping, dancing and flying around :)

    We also go for Youtube to watch music videos but mainly we watched the Sesame Street videos.

  2. Very cute idea. Watching on YouTube.
    Now our Internet connections only need to get some jacking up here (SA), because it buffers quite a lot and then you get a bumpy song... But I'm sure my LO will still enjoy!

  3. Us too! We don't have TV but we definitely enjoy cruising YouTube together. Thanks for these---E is already enjoying the Dinosaur Song. One of his faves is To The Garden (search "to the garden song" on youtube and it is the one with Nina and Jeff by Smartoonz. He also likes some of the story book ones like "Leafy the Leaf who wouldn't Leave."

  4. My daughter loves The Hippo and The Dog singing Lion sleeps tonight! She calls it "Hippo". I think she would enjoy the star and owl so I'll have to show her that one!


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