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Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Feminism, Religion, Superiority, Kyriarchy and Women's Rights

One of the things that bothers me most about Western Society and its subject, is their continuous feeling of superiority. Wether it is superiority of thought, feelings, morals, in Western Society, the idea of being Ubermenschen is never far away. This may come as a shock to you, you might be offended, you probably think that I should be burnt at the stake for saying such a thing, but think about it.
How many times do Westerners think that they have the answers to all the world's problems? How many times do Westerners sprout opinions that validate their sense of superiority over other cultures.
The me fact that Western Society has take up the cause of 'helping' other parts of the world is proof of this.

Take the case of feminism.
Feminism is a big thing in the Western World. We, our mothers and our mothers mothers have fought long and hard to come to where we are. And we've come far, haven't we?
So we take pity in the poor veiled women in Arab countries, in the sad African women who have 13 children...

Yet do we have the right to judge these women? To call their culture backwards and their ways brainwashed?

Have we really come so far that we should feel better? Or is this feeling of superiority our brainwashing?  Kyriarchy's way of keeping us quiet, because our neighbor is way worse and we have nothing to complain about?

Image: NeoGaboX
How many women dreamed of big families but can't afford them or are judged when they have them? How many women have to work a job they hate because they wouldn't be able to feed their families if they didn't? How many women are being violated by their health care provider? How many are raped, beaten, discriminated? How big is the difference in salaries between men and women who do the exact same job?
How many women have had comments that made them feel uncomfortable, about their bodies, their intellect, their essence of being? How many women feel insecure and criticized? How many women hate themselves?

We have not come that far, we have just traded a set of freedoms and boundaries for another.

Don't judge what you don't understand.



  1. You are right! We judge far too easily, and my way is not the only or the better way...
    We as women have the responsibility to change our situations. Men definitely wont do it for us!


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