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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Baby - Part I

Written by Carina Freeman 

This month's posts by monthly fertility contributor Carina Freeman is a series of "Dear baby letters". This is part one of two. Visit us next week for the second part.

Dear baby,

I am starting this story as a journal of your travels to us. We have longed to meet and greet you for so long but have been held up by the slow process of IVF. You see mummy found her partner of her dreams 8 years ago and together we can’t bring you into this world alone. We need the assistance of a wonderful man, who will donate his sperm so we can bring you into this lovely world.

We started our journey for you back in September 2009. The doctors couldn’t find a reason for mummy not to be able to have you so mummy and partner had to wait for the law to change as without this change we would be doing a bad thing by having you as much as we really wanted you in our life.

In February 2010 mummy rang and was so happy the law had changed but along with that came more issues, lots of paper work, and more hold ups. So mummy waited months and months till finally we had passed all the tests and had proven our love for you.

Image: Jon Ovington on Flickr
November 2010 came around and mummy paid the 13,000 to bring you into the world. Your brothers were told of you coming and were so happy to have this opportunity. One brother really wants you to be a girl he really wants a sister but mummy doesn’t care if she gets a son or daughter as she will love you no matter what.

In December 2010 mummy was giving herself injections in the luck that she could finally meet you. However when it came time for the scans mummy's body had failed and let her down, the follicles were to small so mummy cried and cried for days because this meant she had to wait even longer to get the chance to meet you.

Mummy has paid 3,800 for the chance to see you again. Mummy will start again in February and will try her best for her body to give you a nice cozy nest to be in.

We have your room here its half set up we can’t wait to meet you, know you will always be loves and spoiled here. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you in our family we have names for you. Please dear baby come bless us with your presences in February.

Lots and lots of love always

Mummy and family

About Carina

I am a certified wellness fertility coach.
I am there for every aspect of a woman/couples infertility journey. If advice is needed, I give advice so they can become clear and centered in every aspect of their life...not just their fertility. I give suggestions about their next treatment so the couple can feel confident about what is ahead. I give positive encouragement when they are feeling down, or if they just someone to talk to who understands. My primary job is making sure they are ready for a baby mind and body...specializing on the mind and helping them "create" the life they deserve.



  1. Dear Baby, Please make their wishes come true!
    I am crying reading this request!
    Holding thumbs! :D

  2. It's very disheartening to see a practice that is so disrespectful of children being posted about on this blog, which advocates the utmost respect of children.


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