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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Crab and His Mother

This is a free translation of a fable in one of my daughter's books, you can find similar tales by looking for Aesop's fables.

Red Crabs, Tuli 100986

The crab and his mother walked along the beach. The sky was clear and you could see faraway over the sea. The crab kept bumping up against his mother.
"Stop walking crooked," yelled the mother, waiving her pincer in the air. "You keep clashing into me! Walk straight."
The crab didn't know his walk was crooked and asked his mother to show him how to walk straight.
The mother, trying to set an example, noticed that she too couldn't manage to walk in a straight line. Now she would bump into her son and was embarrassed that she had yelled at her son before.

Don't tell others how to act unless you can set an example.


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