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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toddler Arts, Craft and Activity Ideas For the Lazy Parent

I wanted to put together a list of activities to do with toddlers that pleased me. I often find that activities for small children either require too much preparation or too many different supplies. Or they are too focused on being educational, while I just want my kid (and myself) to have fun. I'm not really into organized activities, but I must admit that sometimes they can be fun. Especially when there are other kids around, just to center them around the same activity, and I generally lack inspiration to make up games.
Image: Tiffanywashko on Flickr
So here they are: simple arts, crafts and activities, that don't require too much preparation or supplies.

Arts and Crafts:
  1. Shake and paint: create beautiful artwork without the mess to clean up afterwards.
  2. Handprints
  3. Alphabet room decorations
  4. Cling wrap painting
  5. Marker painting
  6. Feather painting
  7. Foot tracing
  8. Bookmark
  9. The BBC cbeebies site has a variety of toddler arts and crafts

  1. Shape hunt, a fun game with little preparation
  2. Gift bag treasures can give you hours of fun with little effort and supplies, you can play the same game with shoe boxes instead
  3. Toddler Twister

On the computer
Image: benrjordan on Flickr
  1. Alphabet game
  2. Fisher price offers a variety of online games on their website, for different ages.
  3. The Fungooms is a website with a variety of game options, interlaced with music and animated stories. Beautifully drawn, nice music and enjoyable even for parents.
  4. Peekuboo is an animated story your child can control by using the spacebar, while mommy or daddy reads the text.
  5. Minimops offers a variety of cute games for small children, like a musical band game
  6. On Fun With Spot, you can do a variety of toddler-oriented activities with a little doggy as a main character.
  7. A variety of games with the Teletubbies in the lead on Cbeebies



  1. Thanks for these resources! My baby is quickly becoming a toddler and I'm looking forward to engaging him in more activities than just playing on the floor with his toys. But I'm definitely not creative enough to come up with games and projects on my own! I look forward to exercising his motor skills. Thanks!

  2. Excellent post! I'm definitely linking this to my blog!


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