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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Surf

  • My OB said what gathered 2010 top 10 posts
  • Another little gem at Mama Birth reminds us we don't get do-overs for our children's births, and being informed and making choices is just as important for a first time mom. Reading this post unvealed all kinds of feelings for me, so I lingered on her blog a little more and then found another great article about being labelled high risk: "Care means touching somebody, listening to their concerns, hearing them, and talking to them and sharing wisdom and experience.".
  • I think Hathor's homebirth resolution fits perfectly in the line of the two previous posts
  • Want to rethink drinking soda? Read this article on Peaceful Parenting on what soda does to your body
  • And on a lighter note, a cute little comic about unschooling
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  1. I love the unschooling comic! lol! Thanks for the heads up to Mama Birth! Wonderful sight!


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