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Friday, January 7, 2011


Little test for yourself:
Over the next 24 hours, check how many times you sigh at a request or behavior of your child.

Yes, sighing makes us feel better. It relieves stress and might help you deal with your child's constant seeking of attention, but you know what might help you even more?
Actually give them attention.

Your pure, interested, undivided attention.

Think about what it makes them feel if every time they approach you they get a sigh.

Will it make them feel wanted? Apreciated? Loved?
I doubt it.

If you do feel stressed out by parenting, sing, dance, do what makes you feel better. And they can even join in!



  1. Thank you! I suspect I am quite guilty of sighing a lot. I never gave it a second thought b/c it's not about her, but about being tired lol. Such as, :*sigh* Yes, we can run up the slide and then slide down it again." :D

    I am so totally going to start cutting out the sighs. I agree, that would bother me, to have someone sigh in my general direction daily.

  2. The problem with the sighing is that it does relieve the sigher a little... but it is so offensive towards the child. I started noticing it when my husband does it and it made me think. But of course I do it too...

  3. I heard my 2 year old perfectly imitating my sigh a few weeks ago, and it made me feel so sad and guilty. This is something I have been working to cut out. Thanks for the reminder and the suggestions! <3

  4. Awesome post. I think that most of us would be guilty of this to some degree or another. I am conscious of this alot within myself, however, I still do it every now and then. Usually when I am highly stressed.

    I became conscious of it this week again, when my son wanted to be carried for hours( which I do if need be). The only way out of it is when I get completely out of the house, which I do as well. But, it is so tiring. Because I saw this post, I managed to be good today lol


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