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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post Partum Pad Galore: Moon Times (EU, 1/14)

About Moon Times

Moon Times is a UK based store selling menstrual products for all needs and desires. They are the only manufacturers of handmade organic menstrual pads in the UK. They carry both fair trade organic cotton and patterned cloth pads in organic cotton flannelette. All pads are free of bleach, chemicals and other irritants. The pads are all of the shell and insert type, inserts are available in organic cotton, hemp and toweling.
The shop also carries other menstrual products like the menstrual cup and menstrual sponges, and has a selection of baby products too.


I received two postpartum belted pads. These pads are worn as is, with the belt slipped through the loops at either end, as a sort of G-string.

Before trying these, I was a bit weary, as they look rather thin and I wondered if they would work, without the underwear. They are indeed less straightforward then the other types of pads I reviewed.

Even though the thong system kind of scared me at first, it's actually quite simple and does the trick. The flannel is very soft and you hardly feel you're wearing anything with these pads.
The pads are come in an outer shell with a cotton towelling lining. The system works perfectly and the pads endured washing very well.

A patterned belted postpartum pad set from Moontimes is 14GBP

Adding the MT10%OFF code to your order will give you 10% on any purchase from Moontimes.


Moon Times is giving away a post partum pad set (2 pads with belt, inserts and tub). Ideal for ‘after birth’ use as they are long, really absorbent and comfy! Perfect for new mums who need soft cloth against their delicate tissue after birth and women who are heavy at night time. Pads are patterned and have a thick towelling insert.
We recommend spraying pads with some water and a few drops of soothing essential oils added (lavender, chamomile, calendula or rose) and putting pads in the freezer before use- a cool pad against swollen delicate skin is very soothing.
Moon Times Pads are really easy to use! Thread the belt through the loops at each end & wear like a g-string. If you are using cloth pads in hospital you will need your partner/friend to take your pads home and wash. Make sure you have enough as you can bleed heavily after birth and use as many as 4-6 pads a day in the first few days. Be sure to have some spare pads as a back up.


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  1. I learned the impact that disposable pads have on the environment...I am absolutely shocked that women use 12000-17000 of these products in their average lifetime. I never want to use anything disposable when I can use cloth instead. I'd love to get some of these moon times products!

  2. I can't say I 'learned' this, really, but I am reminded again of the impact we have on the environment. I am really keen to switch to cloth when the time comes, post partum. I have my child in cloth, why on earth am I going to use plastic and chemicals myself?!

  3. I've not come across post partum sets before, so that was new to me.

  4. I just found out there are reusable belted pads. Sound like a cool alternative to disposable pads.


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