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Thursday, January 27, 2011


My sister in law is studying to be a doctor. She's in her fifth year of med school, which makes her 22. She is a sweet natured girl, though a little naive.

A while back she asked my husband if I were to continue breastfeeding... He answered "But  of course". Then she told me if we'd continue, this might be becoming pathological.
My husband got very cross at her and told her she'd better look up recommendations about breastfeeding and the likes before she starts spilling such garbage.
She quickly shut up.

So I repeat again that this young girl is studying to become a doctor. She might one day be the one giving the advice about breastfeeding (she doesn't yet know what speciality she'll be doing). Clearly, she is completely uninformed - or maybe worse - misinformed.

How can it be that we are 'educating' entire classes of doctors-to-be without informing them about the natural functioning of the human being? How do we expect medicine to work that way?

And on a different note: pathological for whom? For me or for my child? And did she mean physical illness or mental illness? How many people think like this if that's how doctors think, who are still perceived as a person of notice, someone whom people trust and look up to...
How can you treat illness - which is a condition that deviates of normal and has negative consequences - when you don't even know what normal is?



  1. Scary. :( I hope she doesn't just rely on the things she's being taught but educates herself. *sigh*

  2. The problem with Western medicine being taught... It IS scary!

  3. I wish your husband had been able to keep his cool, and dig further to understand what exactly was in her mind and why was she thinking that... How weird, pathological ? Like in illness ?
    If you could direct her to Kathernie Dettwyler work, and if she is willing to read it, it might do good to 1) her future clients and 2) your future nephews and nieces !

    Still puzzled at "pathological"...

  4. I was really glad last fall to talk with a young medical student, someone whom I've known since she was a kid and had always thought was a little shallow, and have her compliment me for breastfeeding my toddler son, probably about 15 months old at the time. She said a lot of women don't do it or stop early, but why would you when it's so good for the children? Very refreshing.

  5. it entirely depends on how old the child being breastfed is..

  6. @pixy? By which you mean that beyond a certain age breastfeeding becomes an illness? For whom? The mother or the child? ANd would you be referring to a mental or a physical illness? Based on what do you make this statement?

  7. A friend of mine said breastfeeding was only beneficial for the first six weeks. This friend was a resident that had already completed two rounds of OB. Made me very sad. I told her my facts based opinion on the subject and her reply was, really?


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