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Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's my blogoversary!!!

No Sunday Surf today because on this day, I have been blogging for exactly one year! And what a year it was.

In terms of blog, I really had the wind in the sails. I gained over 300 followers through Google Friend Connect and I passed 2000 likeronies on Facebook a while ago. If you're not only on there, like, follow... I wrote a couple of post that got shared all over the web (one of the first posts that really stirred the pot was "Lamest Reasons To Not Breastfeed"), and met great people in the blogosphere. I published 596 posts, of which many were great quotes I found here and there. I started a Peaceful Parenting Series that features every Friday, and also have a Coming of Age Series, and a series that focuses on positive NIP experiences. (If you want to contribute, read more)

On a personal level, this year was quite the emotional rollercoaster. We failed to have a second child, although I started blogging just about the time I got my first postpartum period (coincidence?). I had a cancer scare and was evacuated out of the country I was living in thus far. I shared my daughter's birth story.

If you have been reading here, now is the time to step into the light and let me know who you are.

Love to all of you, and thanks for your readership,



  1. Congratulations. :D I've passed my 1st year of blogging back in October but I only have 4 followers, mainly because I blog mostly about my baby and link to great posts such as yours.

    I really like how you keep it short and to the point, especially great if I want my husband to read some of your wisdom. ;)

    Well, I'm Nev and mummy to Matilda Lime and am looking forward to another year of Authentic Parenting. :D

  2. Thanks for sharing, Nev, it's lovely to learn a little more about my readers. I have a personal blog too and after 4,5years, I only have 50 followers... and actually that's quite a lot, because I had a moment where I got shared on some big sites.
    Thank you for following me :)

  3. 'grats on one year :D love your blog. heres to another great year!

    And as for stirring the pot... well, you know what they say, if you aren't p*ssing anyone off, you're not doing it right ;)

  4. Congratulations! Wishing you a very happy Blogoversary.

    I stumbled onto your blog while looking for ideas and information for parenting. Im a mum-to-be and I find your blog a source of inspiration and insight. It's helping both me and my hubby to make better choices about what kind of parents we want to be.


  5. Congrats! Happy Bloggoversary!

    I guess my first bloggoversary has already come and gone - this past Sept. But I didn't really use my blog for anything but baby updates til this past Spring. So, I'll count this April as my "real" blog's birthday :)

    I absolutely LOVE your blog, and was honored when you linked to my term breastfeeding post in your Sunday Surf. That was too cool! Thanks for blogging!

  6. Congrats! Wishing you more great years to come!

  7. YOu can really pat yuourself on the back! You have done a great job! I always come to your blog to find some parenting inspiration! :D


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