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Monday, January 10, 2011

15 Questions To Ask Your Fertility Doctor

Written by Carina Freeman

How many times have you gone to the doctors with a list of questions in your head? I'm sure I’m not alone when I have left a doctor's office only to remember a question I meant to ask but forgot! Knowing what to ask your doctor ahead of time will help ensure you get the most out of your visit. It helps a lot if you write everything down in advance. That includes medical histories and questions you want answered. Many people are shy about asking questions, but you shouldn't be. Your doctors want to make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment options too! If you don't understand the answers, don't hesitate to ask your doctor to repeat them.

Be sure to take along the records of any diagnostic studies and/or fertility treatments you may have had in the past if you are visiting a new fertility specialist. If you have been keeping records of your menstrual cycles and/or basal body temperature charts, take these along too. 
  1. The number one thing you need to know is what your diagnosis is. 
  2. Will this condition get worse overtime, improve, or remain the same.
  3. If the reason for your infertility is unclear, are any additional diagnostic test recommended and if your partner needs additional testing. 
  4. What type of treatment is recommended to try first? In his/her particular practice, how often does this treatment result in pregnancy? Be sure to determine whether your doctor is talking about pregnancy rates or live-birth rates. 
  5. How many cycles of this treatment will be tried before trying another option? 
  6. Are there any lifestyle changes that may help my condition and increase chances of pregnancy? 
  7. How likely is this treatment to be successful for me? No doctor will give you an exact answer to this question. However looking at your personal medical history, age, and your doctors past experience may allow him/her to estimate whether you will have an average, above average, or below average chance of success. 
  8. What is the cost of this treatment? 
  9. Does insurance cover any of the treatment (medications, hospital or doctors visits) 
  10. If you have to pay out of pocket be sure to ask if they offer any special payment plans. 
  11. Don’t underestimate the toll infertility has on your whole life. Be sure to ask if they provide emotional counseling. 
  12. If your clinic is one that participates in clinical trials, make sure to ask if you will be able to participate if eligible. 
  13. Some doctors are not comfortable with you doing your own research and suggesting a particular treatment, make sure it’s ok with your doctor if you choose to do your own research. 
  14. Some doctors also have opinions about massages and acupuncture. Find out what your clinics opinion is. 
  15. Find out how communication will be handled. Does the clinic return phone calls the same day? Will the doctor or a nurse call you with information?
    This is just the “tip of the iceberg” depending on where you are in your fertility journey. Be sure to print this list and take it with you. Modify as needed. Share with a friend. Until next time

    About Carina

    I am a certified wellness fertility coach.
    I am there for every aspect of a woman/couples infertility journey. If advice is needed, I give advice so they can become clear and centered in every aspect of their life...not just their fertility. I give suggestions about their next treatment so the couple can feel confident about what is ahead. I give positive encouragement when they are feeling down, or if they just someone to talk to who understands. My primary job is making sure they are ready for a baby mind and body...specializing on the mind and helping them "create" the life they deserve.



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