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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Not?

We live in a culture of false scarcity, where everything comes within limits, where everything is restricted, where nothing comes for free.
We perpetuate these restrictions to our children, so that they too can grow up in this world where things need to be coveted to be obtained, where you have to behave to get what you want.
You can only have so much fun before it becomes inappropriate. You can only eat so any cookies before you’re a pig. You can only spend so much time drawing before you become single minded. You can only watch this much TV before you’ll end up a vegetable.

Break this cycle of scarcity and start living a life of abundance. Instead of saying ‘NO’ next time around, think ‘why not?’, maybe even say ‘yes’.
Try to live as if everything comes for free, nothing is limited... especially not your imagination.
If you continue this way of thinking, maybe your child will be at the brink of braking the ‘money is more than life’ way of thinking. Maybe you too will liberate yourself from it.

It all starts with reconsidering ‘no’.



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