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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Surf

  • In "How To Support Breastfeeding Without Demonizing Formula", Nine Davids offers a multitude of possibilities for approaching Lactivism with a positive mindset.
  • To continue the breastfeeding theme, Joni Rae writes about how confident she got about 'flashing her boobs', and with every susequent child, nursing in public got easier. "Seriously, my breasts are in more pictures floating around the vast depths of the internet than most porn stars. These gals of mine get around. You can see them on twitter, my blog, and facebook, in movie theaters, grocery stores, bank and post office lines. They’ve been “out” in truck stops, parks, zoos, museums, and every darn restaurant I’ve stepped foot in over the last four years."
  • A not by Birth Sense on Facebook urges us to be more respectful to cesarian mothers.
  • Kelly investigates what it is about attachment parenting that makes family life more peaceful, on Attachment Parenting International..
  • Kate Kripke writes a moving article on postpartum depression.“Postpartum mood disorders are absolutely treatable.  And suffering moms who reach out, accept support, and follow treatment recommendations by trained professionals do see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
  • Kristen from Adventures in Mommyhood writes about her concerns on how her own self image will influence that of her daughter.
  • Holiday-inspired natural cleaning options on The Nourished Life.
  • "Breech Babies Are Another Variation of Normal" on Birth Without Fear is a very good read, something to bookmark for when you need it.
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