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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quote Of The Day

‎"However we treat the child, the child will treat the world." 
— Pam Leo



  1. i love your site and your articles have great info in them but i must strongly disagree with this quote. on a personal level, i know every rule has it's exceptions. my hubby had a horrible childhood. he was abused by many of his mothers boyfriends and so manipulated by his mother and sister that even now, as a grown man he can't open a bank account or get a loan or anything because of what they did to his credit. he lived much of his childhood in cars and weekly hotels. he didn't meet his father untill he was 18.
    now, he works with children like himself to show them the kindness he was never shown and helps them learn how to express themselves without turning to violence. he is leading a movement to get rappers and other people in the music industry to reach out to kids and adults who are thinking of ending their lives. fortunately we live in a world of examples. not all children will react the way we expect to the things that happened to them.
    DH was not breastfed, he was forced to look after himself from an early age. circ'ed. now he is a closet lactivist, home birth advocate, anti circ... pro-child every time.

  2. Ballerina, I completely agree, you CAN break the cycle... as an adult. But most often children just copy what their parents do, and even later in life, it is very hard to become mindful and break the pattern.
    I was abused and I work really hard to not continue that... but my brother is definitely pro spanking and rather aggressive.

  3. you know that sibling thing is a really good point. my hub sis is the exact opposite of him, really living how she was raised. she didn't get love from her dad so she looked else where and had 5 kids with 4 dads, put them in the care of nannies, formula fed (well the nannies formula fed)... anyway, yay for those who CAN and DO change the cycle!


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