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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Positive NIP Stories: Part I

written by Cheryl Friedman

This post was written as part of my new Positive NIP Stories Series. Positive nursing stories should be heard too, in order to empower nursing women. So if you have a story to share, email it to mamapoekie at yahoo dot com.

I try to never shy away from nursing in public; when my baby is hungry, I feed her.

Recently my hubby and I went on a trip to the nearby Chicago Botanical Gardens. We were in the Japanese gardens when my daughter started to fuss and reach for the boob. We found an out of the way bench next to a zen garden because she has started becoming distracted easily when trying to latch. After a few moments an older woman wandered into the little area we were in and asked if I needed her to leave. After replying "no, of course not," she proceeded to tell me about how too many women are ashamed to nurse in public, and how she nursed her child until he was 3 years old! We chatted a little bit about how my daughter was getting distracted and my plans for nursing before she congratulated me and moved on in the garden.

Over the summer, we tend to go to the local renaissance faire a lot (and I mean A LOT). One day I was wandering and feeding my daughter and feeling like the world was against me. I could swear that every person we passed was disgusted or angry (though I'm sure that wasn't really the case). I wandered into a shop that I hadn't been to yet this year and was greeted by the owner/crafter. She was excited to see a mother nursing in public because she herself had done it. Her 3 year old was actually sleeping upstairs in the shop. We chatted a bit about children before we said goodbye and she gave me a small handcrafted trinket "for being awesome".

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  1. Thanks for sharing my story! I'm guilty myself of sharing the negative experiences far more often than the positive.


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