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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Never Done Learning

I read a lot about parenting and related issues. I mean A Lot!
Every once in a while, I get at a point where it seems as if there's nothing new out there, that I've read it all, almost to the point of making me feel rather secure about what I do, maybe a bit smug...
And then all of a sudden I get into a conversation or stumble upon an article that completely turns everything around. That makes me go all 'Eureka' and opens my eyes to something I hadn't seen before.

SO what I just wanted to say is this: you're never done learning, there's always something new to discover, some angle you hadn't taken yet, some knowledge that can be shared through others. It does pay off to keep reading, to keep connected, even when things aregoing swell, even when you're not specifically looking for information.



  1. Absolutely correct! You can never think you know all there is to know about parenting! I should know: 17 years back my first-born was raised totally different than I am raising my toddler now. All because of new learning...

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