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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Never OK And If It Is, It Is Despite You

It seems as if people always find something to pick on other people's children. Either they are too shy, or they don't play alone enough, or they aren't social. Or they are too loud - too quiet, they speak too much or say too little.
Shouldn't she be wearing a sweater? Shouldn't she be dressed?  Will you really allow her to eat/drink that?
People are constantly gossiping about other people's children - even in front of those children - and they don't even spare the parents their piece of mind.

It's like suddenly all children are common ground.

Yet on the other hand. Those times when your child is being nice *rolls eyes*, when they are behaving in a manner that pleases the general public, then it has nothing whatsoever to do with the way you as a parent raise them. Oh no, in fact, if you dare say your child behaves that way because you let your child be a child, then you'll get an avalanche of objections. Of course not. That has nothing whatsoever to do with it! It's in their character. Maybe it's even because of where you live, but your parental skills certainly can't be responsible for any of that.

Painting by Artemisia Gentileschi

How do people get the idea that they can simply ask these questions, put these statements out there and blatantly judge everything we do, say and think... Everything our children do say and think. Especially because they're not necessarily doing a better job, or did a better job.



  1. Thank you! I'm doing things differently than anyone in my family. They like to remind me that I turned out ok (thank goodness my grma made sure my teen mom stopped letting me sleep with her! doh) and that the way I'm doing it isn't the way they did it. - I'm on the verge of pointing out that my grandparents have 2 adult children in prison for a very long time, that my aunts kids are out of control, one on sugar, the other on indulgence. I don't want what they got, so why would I do it the way they did it.

    I have a similar problem with my grandmother, as you can read in the link above


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